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Laser show safety guide

Learn why laser safety is important
and get the basics to creating safe laser shows.

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Laser Safety Laser Events

Lasers have rapidly become one of the world’s favorite entertainment lighting effects

The popularity of laser light shows has risen exponentially over the past few years. Many experts now believe that the laser light show industry is on the verge of becoming a billion dollar industry. In today’s entertainment scene, we see lasers being used just about everywhere.

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Why certain laser effects are potentially more hazardous than others

Laser light shows have been taking place for more than forty years. Frankly speaking, laser shows are one of the safest special effects that can be produced, especially when the operator takes the necessary laser safety precautions and procedures into account.

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Laser Safety for laser effects
Laser Safety Laser Events

Laser Safety Technology

At Pangolin, we don’t just talk about laser safety, we live by it. As such, we’ve developed a variety of laser safety technologies over the years, that help make laser safety easier for operators to understand, incorporate and handle. A brief overview of these technologies as well as information on how they help make shows safer, is presented in the Laser Show Safety Report.

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